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Owner: DigtoLive

Golden Retriver Dog Digger

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Gender: Female
Age: 35
Last Activity: 160 month(s) ago
Country: Australia

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DigtoLive's Kennel

Dog, Golden Retriver

Pet: Digger

Name Digger
Nickname Diggy
Species Dog
Breed Golden Retriver
Pet Clubs: Invader Zim-ers
anyone from neopets here?
Gender Male
Hometown I'm not saying
Country United States
Zipcode Not Telling YoU
Birthdate 1995-12-23
Height I dunno
Weight A LOT
Favorite Activity Digging
Favorite Park Don't have one
Favorite Food Anything!!
Favorite Treat Schmacos
Favorite Toy Anything that's chewable
Favorite Shows Kim Possible
Favorite Music Any type
Favorite Movies Life is Ruff
Best Trick Hide
Worst Trick Digging
Favorite Moments Hmmmmmm...so many <3
Embarassing Moments When I chase digger down the street when he escapes.
Likes Meeting new friends,digging
Dislikes Baths!
My First Day Home Too little to remeber
Bio <33 I luff all my pals!
About Me

thinking about abused animals :(

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Profile Views: 70702

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Digger's Blogs

Aug 17, 2007 To Jakey the Golden! 1 Comments
May 19, 2007 Following the crowd 0 Comments
May 05, 2007 I love...<3 4 Comments
Apr 08, 2007 IM BUDDY SLIDESHOW 3 Comments

Digger's Comments
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Posted By: Abby 2007/08/19 04:36:46 PM
Sorry it was so late. I voted for you. Congratz on guessing the color of mum's retainer. BOL

Posted By: 2007/08/17 02:35:49 PM
ok, delete the space where the & and current iss XDDD sorry for the commentssss

Posted By: 2007/08/17 02:35:27 PM
http://s52.photobucket.com/albums/g11/Fire_pup/lovers/?action=view& current=sunnydigger.flv

Posted By: 2007/08/17 02:33:43 PM
darn it didnt work XD whenever you get on get on Yahoo xD and ill show youuu x3

Posted By: 2007/08/17 02:07:15 PM

Posted By: Luke 2007/07/19 12:51:55 AM
Digger dude! yo!

Posted By: 2007/07/16 01:50:18 AM
Hey Digger...Thanks for being my friend !! here, And Dogster !!!! *Woofs & Wags*

Posted By: Mika 2007/06/30 01:16:22 AM
Hi, i'm Mika, Im on Catster...i'm in Abby and Coco's family.

Posted By: 2007/06/21 10:17:25 AM
well, im sad..

Posted By: 2007/06/20 01:29:46 PM
OMG!! i am the sadest dog alive.... STUPiD DOGSTER timed me out no reason... itz been lyk this 4 1 month it feels likea year.. bol... i miss every1... ALOT!! :[

Posted By: Sadie 2007/06/18 09:46:11 AM
I LOVE your song, Digger!! <33

Posted By: 2007/06/18 12:51:40 AM
<3333 as you can see in my default, I am turning into you x0x xD

Posted By: 2007/06/15 02:36:15 PM

Posted By: 2007/06/07 12:22:23 AM

Posted By: Sunny Sunshine {S.S} 2007/06/03 05:26:54 PM
Oops, that last comment was supposed ot be from me xD

Posted By: Dina In Loving Memory (2005-2007) 2007/06/03 05:26:26 PM
bol Proud Blondes!

Posted By: Sunny Sunshine {S.S} 2007/06/01 01:05:47 PM
Sorry I haven't gotten on Dogster for a while, mom had forgotten the password. xDD I love youuu!

Posted By: Sunny Sunshine {S.S} 2007/05/18 09:39:44 AM
I am on top of the world when I am with you! ♥

Posted By: Sunny Sunshine {S.S} 2007/05/18 09:39:27 AM
Awws <3 Your my heaven Digger.

Posted By: Sunny Sunshine {S.S} 2007/05/18 12:37:26 AM
Yeah, I can't wait, it's almost hereee! And Digger, if I had plus, I would give you all my monthly rosettes and more! Hehe <3

Posted By: Sunny Sunshine {S.S} 2007/05/14 09:52:14 PM
I miss talking to you too! Lots! I can't wait for the weekend! <3

Posted By: 2007/05/11 05:27:37 PM
I haveee a girllpup :3

Posted By: 2007/05/10 10:01:10 PM
weee neeeed yeww D: i need to telll you soethinggggg

Posted By: Sunny Sunshine {S.S} 2007/05/08 08:09:12 AM
Oh, my, what a big number...BUT I WUV YOU MORREEEE! Hehe ^_^ <333

Posted By: Sunny Sunshine {S.S} 2007/05/08 12:42:35 AM
No, you. =3 ♥ (p.s I wuv youuu!)

Posted By: Sunny Sunshine {S.S} 2007/05/06 03:14:15 AM
bol your such a sweet pup. <33

Posted By: Sunny Sunshine {S.S} 2007/05/06 02:42:51 AM
Oh.Me.Dog! Tis Digger, my luffly Flying Spying Fluffball! I wuv you!

Posted By: Sunny Sunshine {S.S} 2007/04/30 08:40:46 AM
Hey FLyfing Fluffball! =333

Posted By: Sadie 2007/04/16 03:31:53 PM

Posted By: Kuai Kuai 2007/04/15 01:58:05 AM
Yo mah Gold Digger! Waddup?

Posted By: Sunny Sunshine {S.S} 2007/04/10 06:14:44 PM
hewo ^_^ I will be on and off during the next 3 hours, cus mom is doin a science orojec, but yeah. wats up? mommys friend let her use her email address on here so we finally got another account!!!

Posted By: Jewel 2007/04/09 04:41:47 AM
'eya Digstah!!

Posted By: Sadie 2007/04/01 06:37:20 PM
BOL!!! Oh yes, Sadie Waide is in da' houseeee! XD

Posted By: 2007/03/31 08:07:09 PM
*clAPS* :D

Posted By: Fade 2007/03/30 11:11:29 AM

Posted By: Fade 2007/03/29 06:00:01 PM

Posted By: Fade 2007/03/29 03:56:39 PM
u single?

Posted By: Teka 2007/03/26 04:19:52 PM
Digger i didnt know that you had a petster account

Posted By: Fade 2007/03/26 03:44:25 PM
alright...sorry bout you and sadie :(

Posted By: Fade 2007/03/23 04:13:55 PM
Hiya digger..How are you?

Posted By: Teddy ~In Loving Memory~ 2007/03/20 12:33:46 PM
*blushes* Thank you Digger :)

Posted By: Teddy ~In Loving Memory~ 2007/03/18 03:38:20 PM
HI there handsome ;) BOL!

Posted By: 2007/03/18 11:46:07 AM

Posted By: 2007/03/18 01:31:05 AM
digger! i didnt know you had a petster. Did you hear about Rocky?!? :'( ROCKY IS DEAD. not missing anymore!. :(

Posted By: 2007/03/15 05:28:41 PM

Posted By: Cookee 2007/03/15 03:34:35 PM
yeah...i havent really been on dogster much lately..bol but its good talking to you here! anything important happen on there lately?

Posted By: 2007/03/14 07:28:58 PM
hI !

Posted By: Cookee 2007/03/14 12:56:47 AM
ive been okay..mommy especially good! bol..how about you?

Posted By: Cookee 2007/03/13 04:16:58 PM
Heya Digger, how ya doin'?? Just wanted to stop by and say hello so..."hello!!" bol

Posted By: Abby 2007/02/11 02:16:00 PM
Haven't checked out your page in awhile! Just droppin' by!

Posted By: Sadie 2007/01/27 08:41:41 AM
Hi, Digger! *waves back*

Posted By: 2007/01/22 04:56:11 PM
Hey Hey Hey digger!

Posted By: 2007/01/19 08:26:21 PM
bol!thanks for your support digger!your such a great friend!

Posted By: 2007/01/19 07:35:02 PM
Oh nothing much just waiting for Flashy to get on so we can talk.

Posted By: Opal 2007/01/18 07:23:11 PM
Hey Digger! how is it going?!

Posted By: 2007/01/17 05:14:07 PM
Hey Digger!!!Whats up dawg?

Posted By: 2007/01/04 08:19:43 PM
hey diggster!

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/20 06:57:34 PM
Awh darn, Dad wants e off after this song. I guess I'll go now. See ya soon Digger!

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/20 06:48:37 PM
BOL, cool! When is it, the 23rd or the 22nd? Vinnie's is 22nd. :D

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/20 06:43:35 PM
Definetely. :D Sissy can't wait... Oh yeah, two days until Vinnie's birthday!

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/20 06:37:56 PM
Hehe. :D music is a part of Sissy's life. BOL.

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/20 06:32:52 PM
I am fine. :) I am just listenin' to some music before bed.. BOL.

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/20 03:53:32 PM
Hi Digger! How ya been? :D

Posted By: Sadie 2006/10/26 01:19:23 PM
Hi Ya Digger! :p

Posted By: Sadie 2006/10/24 01:58:49 PM
Hey Digger!

Posted By: 2006/10/17 04:02:11 PM

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/17 05:08:02 AM
Hi Digger! Looks like you are in love :) hehe Please vote for me if you have one for the shelter that rescued me and was affected by Hurricane Katrina. Thanks! :)

Posted By: 2006/10/05 08:58:02 PM
Hiya Digger!! Remember Me? From Dogster?

Posted By: Jasie 2006/08/22 05:38:33 AM
Well hello there! Nice to meet a new friend!!!

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