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Gender: Unspecified
Age: 35
Last Activity: 174 month(s) ago
Location: Queen Creek, Arizona
Country: United States

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♥Queen Shelby♥
Dog, Labrador

Horse, Quarter Horse

Chief Hawk Bar AKA Ranger
Horse, Quarter Horse

Pet: ♥Queen Shelby♥

Name ♥Queen Shelby♥
Nickname Shelbo,shell
Species Dog
Breed Labrador
Pet Clubs: **The Love Shack**
My Old Clubs Combined
The Beach Paradise
The Petster State Fair
Shelbys Petster Party
Gender Female
Hometown Why?
Country United States
Zipcode 85242
Birthdate 2001-04-11
Height 28
Weight 92lbs
Favorite Activity going for walks and agility
Favorite Park Orchard Ranch Park
Favorite Food people food or Steak!!! Anything she can get her paws on!!!
Favorite Treat ice cream or any people food!!!
Favorite Toy AKC duck and my slipper!!
Favorite Shows animal planet!
Favorite Music Who let the dogs out and Country
Favorite Movies Any movies with dogs in it!!
Best Trick sit, lay down, jump,ho,stay,over,come, get it,up,
Worst Trick speak she dosen't bark
Favorite Moments When I got her!!
Embarassing Moments when she layed on the couch when she's not allowed
Likes Me, her toys,walks!!!
Dislikes Baths!
My First Day Home She was a surprise for me!!!
Awards Most Heart , from westworld's Course a Lure
Bio Dogster
About Me Please sign my gestbook...but leave nice words not mean. (go to my Dogster page and sign it, thanks)

I look good.

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Apr 08, 2007 OH NO!!! 14 Comments
Mar 21, 2007 1 Month untill my b-day!! 3 Comments

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Posted By: 2008/11/30 09:44:05 AM

Posted By: 2007/11/03 12:38:15 AM
shelby, copper told me what happened, your just finding excuses to hate us, seriously. Your my friend, even look at the comments below me. Does that look like cussing you out? no. I dont know why your lying to copper but ok. I dont need a friend like you.

Posted By: 2007/09/07 12:50:30 AM
we miss youu D:

Posted By: Gumbo 2007/09/06 11:47:04 PM
omg you are so cute!!!!!!!!!! BOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: 2007/08/13 04:11:20 AM
heya xD I got kenneled, oh well, I give up xP anyway, I know it was long ago, but I forgot to ask how Shelby is? o:

Posted By: 2007/07/07 02:09:45 PM
yew tew of course :D XD

Posted By: 2007/07/07 02:09:31 PM
Of course <3 me n' Boomah BFF ;3

Posted By: Hunter 2007/07/05 05:34:16 PM
haha.love the music

Posted By: Hunter 2007/07/05 04:07:49 PM
cute..does Rusty have a petster page?

Posted By: Hunter 2007/07/05 01:32:24 AM
bol. to who? and why are you getting REMARRIED?

Posted By: Hunter 2007/07/04 06:46:10 PM
good. i just got engaged yesterday

Posted By: Hunter 2007/07/03 10:04:11 PM
:) How have you been?

Posted By: Hunter 2007/07/02 10:30:34 PM
hello :)

Posted By: Fade 2007/07/02 06:43:07 PM
yes friends :) and hunter says hello :)

Posted By: 2007/07/01 11:20:11 PM
Shelbbby, tell Buster to check my last pic <333

Posted By: Fade 2007/07/01 03:55:12 PM
Okay Shelbs. I will remove that. So friends again??

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2007/06/29 05:14:13 PM

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2007/06/28 06:02:25 PM
Hey, nothing's stopping us, right? As long as you wanna be pals, we'll be pals. :)

Posted By: Murphy 2007/06/21 03:19:31 PM
Check your petster messages.

Posted By: 2007/05/16 06:36:27 PM
shellyy ;-; someone stole my pics off from petster D:

Posted By: Isabelle 2007/05/05 12:27:18 PM
yah sorry rachel was on my petster and she was being a jurk..... ill make sure that doesnt happen agian.

Posted By: 2007/05/03 06:48:15 PM
awww, cute pics on dogster xP miss ya BOL :3 howzzz it going??

Posted By: Murphy 2007/04/20 06:53:14 PM
Sorry I was supposed to post with Murphy LOL

Posted By: MilkyWay 2007/04/20 06:52:29 PM
How are ya?

Posted By: Murphy 2007/04/14 08:09:14 PM
Hi Shelby :D

Posted By: 2007/04/06 06:52:14 PM
bol! I got new pics :3 you can see if you want! oh 5 day till your birthday >O

Posted By: 2007/04/03 10:36:23 PM
hey bol. hows it going?

Posted By: 2007/03/22 11:22:42 PM
BOL.XD totally XDDD

Posted By: 2007/03/20 06:11:32 PM
xD AA made him =3 his anme is Jurbo

Posted By: Fade 2007/03/13 05:51:41 PM
riiiiite...cuz EVERYONE knows my password..I think you faked it :(

Posted By: Fade 2007/03/12 05:55:56 PM
I am not saying you LIED A WHOLE BUNCH...you just lied about me sending an email...and you had to use THAT as an excuse to break up with him? wow....

Posted By: 2007/03/10 12:39:39 PM
so you broke up with hunter cuz hes not on dogster? o_o

Posted By: Fade 2007/03/09 03:26:58 PM
I just wanna know..as a friend....why you said that

Posted By: Fade 2007/03/08 03:39:23 PM
Shelby..i need to talk to you!

Posted By: 2007/03/01 09:28:30 PM
sory I dont check my mails as often ;o no...but yes im good I am more on yahoo and other chatrooms than gb's and petster,ect....I havnt been to a gb in like a month almost

Posted By: Fade 2007/02/28 03:25:54 PM
what? get what? the fact that you lied?

Posted By: Sadie 2007/02/22 09:06:12 PM
Hi, Shelby! Nothing new, really. What about you?

Posted By: Dice 2007/02/13 03:40:55 PM
its drama free!

Posted By: Dice 2007/02/12 11:14:41 PM
hey...join our club

Posted By: 2007/02/11 06:35:36 PM

Posted By: 2007/02/08 08:58:14 PM
Cute dogster default <3

Posted By: 2007/02/08 08:26:48 PM
Shelbs..i love you from the bottom of my heart...I didnt say ne thing that mean to boomer. and I wanted to apologize..please dont :( and NO..i am not Bellle.

Posted By: 2007/02/06 07:45:23 PM
i knew it wasnt kifs...i dont think she is that mean?

Posted By: 2007/02/06 04:02:02 PM
wow..why is everyone so mean and cruel?

Posted By: 2007/02/05 09:56:02 PM
o.O No cu I could care less about the wedding *shrugs* and it wasnt Kifa .-.

Posted By: 2007/02/05 03:35:37 PM
me too!

Posted By: 2007/02/02 06:13:16 PM
i am at star sucks!

Posted By: 2007/02/01 06:13:13 PM
ahhhh! Shelby! I am freaking! Where are you?

Posted By: 2007/01/24 04:47:49 PM
get on star sucks when you get on!

Posted By: 2007/01/23 03:09:50 PM
Hey pretty baby girl!

Posted By: Belle 2007/01/23 12:52:21 PM
your SOOO cute!!!

Posted By: 2007/01/22 05:15:31 PM
ill be on in 45 minutes!

Posted By: 2007/01/22 04:49:32 PM
its okay..I will be on Star Sucks in 1 hour!

Posted By: 2007/01/19 06:34:13 PM

Posted By: 2007/01/18 06:40:28 PM
yep..i am!

Posted By: 2007/01/17 06:57:50 PM
its okay sweetheart

Posted By: 2007/01/16 10:04:42 PM
-talking to randi and trying to get things straightened out. I hope this doesnt hurt my chances. :(

Posted By: 2007/01/16 10:04:00 PM
okay, I am on then too normally. And the reason I got kicked off dogster was because Fade was convicted of having two accounts, which i didnt know you couldnt have, so we made a new one, and "some dogs" told and we got kicked off again. We are currently

Posted By: 2007/01/16 07:25:30 PM
*sniffles* You promise? I love youtoo much!

Posted By: 2007/01/16 04:30:02 PM
so..what are you doing? I hope you are not breaking up with me! *cries*

Posted By: 2007/01/15 06:42:52 PM
I dk Shelbs..I can pawmis that I will be on..but if you are going to let other dogs get in our way...*throws out marriage speech*

Posted By: 2007/01/15 05:57:58 PM
pawlease dont :(

Posted By: 2007/01/15 10:47:22 AM
so, you are thinking of breaking up with me? :(

Posted By: 2007/01/11 03:48:51 PM
i was there..you werent :(

Posted By: 2007/01/11 02:31:40 PM
i will be on in 45 minutes!

Posted By: 2007/01/10 03:28:15 PM
I went there and you werent there!

Posted By: 2007/01/08 04:24:07 PM
meet you at false?

Posted By: 2007/01/08 02:01:28 PM
wow...we havent talked...in a while. I have been too busy "planning"

Posted By: 2007/01/06 07:44:15 PM

Posted By: 2007/01/05 06:45:08 PM
k...i will try to get on for you baby!

Posted By: 2007/01/05 02:28:59 PM
okay...good! so you are not mad? I have been thinking and plannin a lot..so you wanna go on a date later?

Posted By: 2007/01/05 09:36:05 AM
what? are you talking about?

Posted By: 2007/01/04 04:16:08 PM
OH NO Shelby....someone H-a-c-ked my account..and I didnt send that rosette..I still love you..i just want to wait longer and plan something more romantic then a rosette!

Posted By: 2007/01/04 01:41:22 PM
*smiles* Yes, I did send that! I am soooo happy! *hugs her*

Posted By: 2007/01/03 01:55:01 PM
its okay :)

Posted By: 2006/12/29 11:42:16 AM

Posted By: 2006/12/28 09:09:48 AM
Hey, I wrote a blog for you *takes a deep breath* go check it out!

Posted By: 2006/12/27 12:08:22 PM
Hey shelby. Someone reported me on dogster for something..so i am kenneled..I can talk to you on here though until i get that straightened out!

Posted By: Opal 2006/12/27 11:41:17 AM
hey Shelbs!

Posted By: 2006/12/25 08:14:00 PM
agree act more mature..first off me&kifs never did any "drama"if so name 5 things second off me&kifs are mature bol

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/25 08:09:35 PM
Shelby.. grow up, please. Now I don't want to be mean at all, but I think it is time that I told you to calm it. Check your blog.

Posted By: 2006/12/25 11:13:22 AM
Merry Christmas Shelby!

Posted By: 2006/12/24 12:00:17 AM
I know I am your rosette..you are beautiful and I cant get over that *blushes* mind if I give you a little...oh nvm..

Posted By: 2006/12/20 09:39:13 PM
merry christmas Shelz

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/20 01:15:37 PM
Um.. am I allowed to? Duh. o.O

Posted By: 2006/12/18 01:44:10 PM
i was..but then someone told on me for something stupid! So...i am kenneled right now..but I am sure this will get fixed!

Posted By: 2006/12/17 04:33:08 PM
Sorry, I couldn't go to your house to apologize because I am babysitting, thats why I wanted to apologize on gb

Posted By: 2006/12/17 04:14:44 PM
See ya later...

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/12/17 04:13:57 PM

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/12/17 04:13:33 PM
I'm not alowed!!! My mom says no more GB!!!

Posted By: 2006/12/17 04:10:51 PM
Its faster, just please go...

Posted By: 2006/12/17 04:10:35 PM
Its faster, just please go...

Posted By: 2006/12/17 04:10:24 PM
How come?

Posted By: 2006/12/17 04:10:04 PM

Posted By: 2006/12/17 04:10:02 PM

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/12/17 04:09:59 PM
I'm not alowd to go on GB.

Posted By: 2006/12/17 04:09:56 PM

Posted By: 2006/12/17 04:09:54 PM

Posted By: 2006/12/17 04:09:47 PM

Posted By: 2006/12/17 04:08:52 PM

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/12/17 04:06:07 PM

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/12/17 04:04:45 PM
I'm banned.

Posted By: 2006/12/17 04:04:44 PM
Me, and Boomer, and Kifa are there waiting for you...

Posted By: 2006/12/17 04:04:30 PM
Shelby... Please...

Posted By: 2006/12/17 04:00:03 PM
Shelby, reply to me on these comments, I need to talk to you, please go to false...

Posted By: 2006/12/17 03:56:46 PM
Shelby, please go to false, I need to talk to you

Posted By: 2006/12/17 03:47:47 PM
GO to false...

Posted By: 2006/12/17 03:44:56 PM

Posted By: 2006/12/17 03:43:54 PM

Posted By: Beau Chein 2006/12/17 01:43:51 PM
Why do you hate me? D-:

Posted By: 2006/12/15 08:34:35 PM
Umm....Ok O.o YOUR DESPERATE FOR LOVE! not you shelby xD sorry but...ugh D:<

Posted By: ♠ Camelot ♥ 2006/12/15 07:26:44 PM

Posted By: ♠ Camelot ♥ 2006/12/15 07:18:06 PM
Shelby, join this club (Beba and Dice married) I meant to do wedding but I cannot change it now...

Posted By: ♠ Camelot ♥ 2006/12/15 07:00:12 PM
Sorry I shouted... It is just ya made me sound like a gay dog.

Posted By: ♠ Camelot ♥ 2006/12/15 06:51:44 PM
Not that WAY!! I Mean he was cool!

Posted By: ♠ Camelot ♥ 2006/12/15 06:47:01 PM
I use to like the guy! Help me! PLEASE!!!!

Posted By: ♠ Camelot ♥ 2006/12/15 06:30:24 PM
Shelby, can you tell Flash that he was VERY mean to my sis, if you look at one of his comments it says "Bella is weird O. o I don't even like her xD" and he seems so proud!

Posted By: 2006/12/15 05:56:03 PM
OOOH you scareded me for a second there beau >.<

Posted By: Beau Chein 2006/12/15 05:52:34 PM
Haha yeah I was kidding with Jake

Posted By: 2006/12/15 05:51:41 PM

Posted By: 2006/12/15 05:46:23 PM
Umm...Beau was refering to me since I joined dogster yesterday

Posted By: 2006/12/15 05:33:45 PM
Beba is weird O.o I dont even like her xD

Posted By: 2006/12/13 09:45:25 PM
Yeah..Reese made me a very cute picture :D I may ask for one of you girls to amke a painting of me ;3

Posted By: 2006/12/12 06:00:53 PM
soo..you on?

Posted By: 2006/12/11 07:03:40 PM
dewd dont just ignore us D: WE NEED TO TALK DX

Posted By: 2006/12/11 06:56:38 PM
Man Jake you ARE desperate -_-

Posted By: 2006/12/11 06:56:26 PM

Posted By: 2006/12/11 06:54:42 PM
here lets make a blog! :D

Posted By: 2006/12/11 06:50:37 PM

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/10 01:39:44 PM
FINE, go to false and tell us.

Posted By: 2006/12/03 06:01:57 PM
Hey shelby go to petster pals!

Posted By: 2006/12/03 05:51:57 PM
BOL :3

Posted By: 2006/12/03 12:17:23 PM
xD your welcome ;)

Posted By: 2006/12/03 11:32:47 AM
just...read coppers..PURPLES blog xD

Posted By: 2006/12/03 11:25:36 AM
-his way and he created you liek that for a reason! Im not mad at you just cuz you get annoying sometimes!

Posted By: 2006/12/03 11:25:00 AM
what im trying to say is....making a blog and asking whats wrong andd asking everyone to make you stop what you are doing IS WRONG you dont need somebody chahnging you shelby...I like the way you are! Its your nature and its how YOU are..god created you t

Posted By: 2006/12/03 11:22:32 AM
HOW YOU ARE! do you understand? Nobody can change you I mean they can but thats just wronng! you dont need anybody to change you from who you are shel....just saying :)

Posted By: 2006/12/03 11:21:46 AM
Shelby its my nature...and its how I am...I get pissed and angry easily....again its how I am...but I would NEVER hate anybody in my life! maybe some people who are mean&bossy but YOU ARENT LIKE THAT SHEL maybe you get annoying by repeating things but ITS

Posted By: 2006/12/02 11:54:16 AM
dewd go to false we unbanned you

Posted By: 2006/12/02 11:47:05 AM
ummm...D: then just....go to ffl with me..I gues

Posted By: Sadie 2006/12/02 11:44:19 AM
what did you get banned from??!?

Posted By: Sadie 2006/12/02 11:41:01 AM
Thanks Shelby, I like yours too! <3Sadie<3

Posted By: 2006/12/02 11:24:29 AM

Posted By: nemo 2006/11/30 04:18:18 PM
Thank you! have a good december... okay?

Posted By: 2006/11/29 06:20:01 PM
hey meet at chat

Posted By: 2006/11/28 08:11:41 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/27 07:00:41 PM
xD its ok

Posted By: 2006/11/27 06:54:28 PM
nvm about the bone cereomony...we can wait xD

Posted By: 2006/11/27 06:22:02 PM
well..she didnt say that but she always says that

Posted By: 2006/11/27 06:21:50 PM
she says you should have put your name in right away...

Posted By: 2006/11/27 06:16:48 PM
aww i cant though...im only mod not admit which means only kifa cna unban

Posted By: 2006/11/27 06:10:57 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/27 03:54:08 PM
hey we wont be done till tonight :-/

Posted By: 2006/11/26 05:14:46 PM
dewdwe dont have the pass -_-

Posted By: 2006/11/26 12:25:03 PM
shelby looks very silly xD

Posted By: Beau Chein 2006/11/26 10:53:37 AM
Whos Aspen...? *looks around* You know Coppers Mom... did she delete herself?

Posted By: 2006/11/25 06:33:28 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/25 06:33:24 PM
Yeah, to my house, lol! Until 12, or you can spend the night, whichever, my mom is on a date and I can have someone over, so thats why I am asking... Anyways, I am here:

Posted By: 2006/11/25 06:21:29 PM
Do you wanna come over?

Posted By: 2006/11/25 06:16:34 PM
yeah! ALL THE WAY!! DX! Anyways, what's the news?

Posted By: 2006/11/24 07:08:40 PM
hey Shelby! Back from Mexico! I pulled my sisters arm out of the socket so we had to come back early... o.o

Posted By: 2006/11/24 09:25:58 AM

Posted By: 2006/11/23 03:03:25 PM
I'm sorry as soon as the movie was over, we ate dinner. :( Sorry you had to leave

Posted By: 2006/11/23 02:19:26 PM
Hang on! I'M EATING! gIVE ME...1 HR.

Posted By: 2006/11/23 01:38:07 PM
I'm gon a watch the movie for a minite....be back soon.....

Posted By: 2006/11/23 11:10:15 AM
Well...come to false chat! :D

Posted By: 2006/11/23 09:36:04 AM
Hey shelby...happy turkey day:>

Posted By: 2006/11/22 06:57:36 PM
Go to false please.

Posted By: 2006/11/22 04:43:24 PM
O_o errr

Posted By: 2006/11/22 02:52:30 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/22 02:50:09 PM
I htae star -___-

Posted By: 2006/11/22 02:50:01 PM
meet at false

Posted By: 2006/11/21 03:22:08 PM
I'm at flase

Posted By: 2006/11/21 03:20:12 PM
go to flase

Posted By: 2006/11/21 03:19:57 PM
It says "wrong password"

Posted By: 2006/11/21 03:16:08 PM
Star doesn't care if everyone knows the pass cause it's not the mod

Posted By: 2006/11/21 02:51:13 PM
delete it V

Posted By: 2006/11/20 02:44:40 PM
Why weren't you at school?

Posted By: 2006/11/20 02:41:53 PM
I told you you're sick...

Posted By: 2006/11/19 06:32:03 PM
lets talk in your chat wanna have a pawty? :)

Posted By: 2006/11/19 06:27:42 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/19 06:27:04 PM
Can you go to this one? hold on

Posted By: 2006/11/19 06:03:35 PM
go to false

Posted By: 2006/11/19 02:43:43 PM
aww xD

Posted By: 2006/11/19 11:48:17 AM

Posted By: 2006/11/19 10:30:08 AM
Hey! Are you still on?

Posted By: 2006/11/19 10:13:13 AM
Great I have to leave now:< Ugh! See you later?

Posted By: 2006/11/19 10:12:17 AM
The fake one is which one nowx>

Posted By: 2006/11/19 10:11:38 AM
Sure! I was up till 10:30 coloring,reading,and making clay petster people,playing lego petster,ugh I was BORED.

Posted By: 2006/11/19 10:01:29 AM
SHELBY!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I've been on for 4 HOURS bored out of my gord!*jumps to the moon and back in 2 seconds*

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/18 08:20:47 PM
She banned me -_-

Posted By: 2006/11/18 06:03:29 PM
wanna play in the false chat? kkifa&I are boring ourselves..we playing hangman:http://www.groupboard.com/mp/board.cgi?board_id=97297&java_version=java&need_password=false

Posted By: 2006/11/18 02:39:14 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/18 10:16:53 AM
Heh. Sorry I'm on Dogster I'm hardly on there....and really I've only been on like....3 times.(I don't really like it. It's too confusing!) And I didn't promise you Coppeer did...so.. what's anty Dogster?

Posted By: 2006/11/17 02:52:31 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/17 02:49:25 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/17 02:46:55 PM
err..I am in two chats already I cant :(

Posted By: 2006/11/16 06:48:10 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/16 03:44:25 PM
hmm...what should be my default? xD

Posted By: 2006/11/15 06:45:02 PM
WHOA dude,CHILL I will ok? calm down and be fair to the other ladies :(

Posted By: 2006/11/15 06:45:02 PM
WHOA dude,CHILL I will ok? calm down and be fair to the other ladies :(

Posted By: 2006/11/14 03:46:01 PM
hey shell this is coppers sister

Posted By: 2006/11/14 02:46:26 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/13 07:03:33 PM
SORRY!!!! Go back to ffl, okay? I am there now, I PROMISE! My mom had to get on, that's why I was off...

Posted By: 2006/11/13 06:23:01 PM
Heya! Wanna go to ffl? Here is the link to it, you know the pass...http://www.groupboard.com/mp/board.cgi?board_id=96845&java_version=java&need_password=true

Posted By: 2006/11/13 04:06:49 PM
heya..I gots new pics o.O

Posted By: 2006/11/11 09:11:20 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/11 11:37:32 AM
Umm, yeah, I'm awear off that... But he's coming back, and I'm not angery at all because it was for

Posted By: 2006/11/11 11:36:23 AM
Umm yeah I'm awaer off that... But he's coming back and I'm not angery at all becaue it was fora really good reason...

Posted By: 2006/11/11 11:36:08 AM
Umm yeah I'm awaer off that... But he's coming back and I'm not angery at all becaue it was for

Posted By: 2006/11/10 08:42:09 PM
oh pfft whatever

Posted By: 2006/11/10 07:00:08 PM
alright well I am not sure cuz my mom mgiht not pick me up ok? if she does then YES she can call me

Posted By: 2006/11/10 06:22:42 PM
hey shell please read mummys profile and jakes blog

Posted By: 2006/11/10 10:15:43 AM
Yeah :)

Posted By: 2006/11/10 08:48:55 AM
Yeah I migh come but...not sure...

Posted By: 2006/11/09 07:17:54 PM
why is everyone gone from the chat?

Posted By: 2006/11/09 05:21:50 PM
eeek firday? i HAVE A SCHEDULE WITH MY FRIEND :( read my newest blog

Posted By: 2006/11/09 05:17:09 PM
Thanks shell but...

Posted By: 2006/11/08 05:16:00 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/08 05:15:36 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/07 06:23:21 PM
shelby,somebody faked me I am sorry I DO wanna date you ignore that freak :(

Posted By: 2006/11/07 03:48:11 PM
Go to this chat http://www.groupboard.com/mp/board.cgi?board_id=96947&java_version=java&need_password=true

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/11/05 03:15:15 PM
Thats OK I have to finish my project. Bey.

Posted By: 2006/11/05 03:13:49 PM
Cause I had to vacuum the stairs

Posted By: 2006/11/05 02:37:56 PM
This place. bol jk

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/11/05 01:48:09 PM
Where's chat?

Posted By: 2006/11/05 01:45:59 PM
He's with me at chat

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/11/05 01:30:38 PM
Copper!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your on!!!!!!

Posted By: 2006/11/05 01:28:22 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/01 02:29:47 PM
--e went back to bed, and woke up again at 3:00PM!!!! She hasn't been feeling well and has a hi temperature, so she might not be at school tomorrow!

Posted By: 2006/11/01 02:28:43 PM
Hi Shelby, mommy got out of school today sooo easily! She just woke up a little earlier than normal, and went into her mom's room, and her mom just said, "You can stay home from school if you babysit on the weekend." Mommy was like, HECK YES! But then, sh

Posted By: 2006/10/31 08:51:13 PM
what about friday? I am less busy during weekends cuz so much homework :(

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/31 04:10:36 PM
Thats OK how bought tomorrow.

Posted By: 2006/10/31 04:06:22 PM
Sorry I would but Im busy today :( mom gots math(2-56 even) and her poster so wont be on all day :(

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/31 04:04:36 PM
I'm going to dum dum!!! GOSH!

Posted By: 2006/10/31 04:02:42 PM
Can't. Sorry. I'm going trick or treating! Come on! Have some fun!

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/31 03:51:03 PM
Hi Flash.

Posted By: 2006/10/31 03:50:24 PM
Hey shell

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/30 06:35:31 PM

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/30 06:14:53 PM

Posted By: 2006/10/30 04:16:22 PM
Y=The wedding is off.*crys and leans onshelbys sholder*

Posted By: 2006/10/29 07:40:29 PM
Hi shell.

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/29 05:04:06 PM
Hey Copper I'm on. Go to my blog.

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/29 04:25:40 PM
Copper I have to go eat. Its steak to night! I'll be on again soon.

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/29 04:23:09 PM
Hey Copper!!!:)

Posted By: 2006/10/29 04:06:23 PM

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/29 04:06:03 PM

Posted By: 2006/10/29 01:06:46 PM
I mean I think she should tell me herself

Posted By: 2006/10/29 01:06:24 PM
Shell, If copper wants I would be honored to but we have school tonight and also I think she should tell me not you...

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/29 12:34:01 PM
Your welcome.

Posted By: 2006/10/29 12:31:25 PM
my football? thank you :)

Posted By: 2006/10/29 09:37:39 AM

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/29 08:11:08 AM
Daisy I was on last night. You got off when we got on.

Posted By: 2006/10/28 10:55:10 PM
What do you want? Is Kelsey there? Tell her to call me.

Posted By: 2006/10/28 10:54:31 PM
I'm here dorkess.

Posted By: 2006/10/28 10:09:44 PM
You said you'd be on.

Posted By: 2006/10/28 03:49:29 PM
Post on other people's pages, not just your's!

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/28 03:28:43 PM
Ya I knew that. I was down loding pics right now.

Posted By: 2006/10/28 03:15:01 PM
You know that you can have more than one pic at a time, right?

Posted By: 2006/10/28 03:09:02 PM
Yeah I'm on. All you have to do is check the thing on my page to see if I'm on.Sorry we were decorateing my cruches.

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/28 02:43:54 PM
Well go on Coppers account then.

Posted By: 2006/10/28 02:43:04 PM
Daisy is at my house...

Posted By: 2006/10/28 02:42:44 PM
Why? It's me COPPER!

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/28 02:41:36 PM
Put on Copper.

Posted By: 2006/10/28 02:40:20 PM
I'M AT YOUR BLOG!!!! (This is Copper, Daisy is at my house)

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/28 02:39:18 PM
Copper told me about you and you new name.

Posted By: 2006/10/28 02:33:21 PM
How did you tell my name from Elephant? O.o

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/28 02:31:08 PM
I wasn't from Copper's family were just realy good friends. Kifa please go to my blog.

Posted By: 2006/10/28 02:26:59 PM
Hi Shelby. I do remember you from Dogster bu I think you were form Copper's family. O.o

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/28 02:09:14 PM
Daisy are you on? Hi Flash, you on?

Posted By: 2006/10/28 12:47:49 PM
You sould date Flash.*wink wink*

Posted By: 2006/10/28 09:24:51 AM
its alright no worries ma was tired anyways ;)

Posted By: 2006/10/28 09:18:08 AM

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/28 09:11:12 AM
Hi Flash. I'm so sorry last night my computer shut down on me. I would love to go for a walk.

Posted By: 2006/10/28 09:09:48 AM
HI shell :) *yawn* how are you this fine morning? would you care for a walk to the park?

Posted By: 2006/10/27 09:54:29 PM

Posted By: 2006/10/27 09:54:07 PM

Posted By: 2006/10/27 09:51:08 PM
tell daisy I wove her

Posted By: 2006/10/27 09:48:46 PM

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/27 09:48:11 PM
I'm trying to come but Daisy deleted it. Copper PLEASESEND IT AGAIN!!

Posted By: 2006/10/27 09:45:40 PM
re you coming?

Posted By: 2006/10/27 09:44:45 PM

Posted By: 2006/10/27 09:44:27 PM
please come shelby*smiles*

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/27 09:35:23 PM
Copper can you please send that again. Rachel deleted it.

Posted By: 2006/10/27 09:08:50 PM

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/27 09:00:41 PM
Flash? You on?

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/27 08:23:36 PM
Flash,what is your fav. color? Mine is blue. Why do you stay out side/

Posted By: 2006/10/27 05:18:58 PM
I never said..ugh nvm -_-

Posted By: 2006/10/27 05:05:42 PM
Post that on his page weirdo, not yours!

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/27 05:05:27 PM
Copper I have to go.Bey.

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/27 05:00:21 PM
Jake she did hurt her leg. Jake, Daisy says hi.

Posted By: 2006/10/27 04:58:02 PM
Jake thinks I am faking my foot... :( I can't believe it... You guys have to tell him I am telling the truth... If I get a cast, I should like take a picture, and show it to him... hahaha, that would be funny

Posted By: 2006/10/27 04:55:42 PM
I am now... I fell down the satirs... UGH!

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/27 04:11:22 PM
Sorry! Copper you still on? Yes you can call me that Jake.Daisy (Rachel) is at my house.

Posted By: 2006/10/27 03:44:29 PM

Posted By: 2006/10/27 03:40:52 PM
hey shell shell! may I call you that? :p

Posted By: 2006/10/27 03:33:24 PM
Hi Shelbo, I'm on

Posted By: 2006/10/27 03:03:37 PM
oops I metn to say cool AND bol :p

Posted By: 2006/10/27 03:03:05 PM

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/10/27 06:56:03 AM
Hi! Jake I remember you. I was on Dogster for a wile and I remember seeing you around. We can be friends!

Posted By: Xena - Warrior Princess 2006/10/27 04:42:46 AM
I love yellow labs. I was very sick and had to have a blood transfusion. A wonderful yellow lab named Casey donated blood for me so now I am part lab.

Posted By: 2006/10/26 08:41:40 PM
*sigh* you probley dont remember me? :( hint:I knew you from dogster :p

Posted By: 2006/10/26 08:38:50 PM
GASP! shebly its me JAKE from dogster remember? you probley wont rmemeber me though :/

Posted By: 2006/10/26 08:36:28 PM
hi its a pleasure to meet you I am coppers friend hope we can be pals to :) welcome to petster by the way you'l love it! I can show you around to :) please stop by my page

Posted By: 2006/10/26 08:36:20 PM
Hi! You're copper and daisy's friend? Pleased to meet you! I'm Boomer!

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